Wholesome Leadership Preview Chapter 4: Building Ethos & Professional Culture:

Today, as part of this series of short posts to introduce my book, Wholesome Leadership, I’m sharing a preview of Chapter 4: ‘Building Ethos & Professional Culture.

This chapter sits in the first section of the book which is focused on the ‘heart’ of leadership, part of the H4 Leadership Model which captures the heart, head, hands and health of school leaders. It follows on from yesterday’s post about ‘Finding your leadership voice’. 

H4 Leadership Model: ‘The Heart, Head, Hands & Health of School Leadership…

Building Ethos and Professional Culture…

Important things in any school are its ethos and professional culture. Together, they affect the mood, performance and commitment of every individual; they are the ‘soil’ in which all other things grow.

‘Leaders Make the Weather’

Vic Goddard

The chapter unpicks the definitions of ethos and culture and suggests ways that we can cultivate the right ‘conditions’ within a school. It explores some of the problems that exist with cultures based solely on ‘compliance and consistency’ where checklists and minimum expectations rule.

Within the Chapter, I interview Simon Smith, Principal of East Whitby Primary School. I have followed Simon’s blog with interest since he took up Headship at the school in 2015 and have always enjoyed the authenticity with which he writes about leading a school. He talks eloquently and with passion about ethos as ‘the glue’ in his school.

Wholesome Leadership is now on sale for pre-order and will be published around the 22nd of May 2018. You can read some of the early reviews or find out how to order here –  www.wholesomeleadershipbook.com