Back to Little Harrowden with LP+4!

Last week, I went back to Little Harrowden to see how Class 6 were getting on with their new LP+4 site. As part of the BETA project, they were one of the first schools to get their hands on the new platform and I wanted to see how they were getting on with the new templates and tools.

It was the first time they had got to use some of the new features such as the avatar and theme changer and it was great to see the children use these intuitively and with little guidance. The images below show two of the themes that users can select from within the platform…

The default landing page for LP+4

The 'Jungle' theme for LP+4

The clever stuff around changing your themes was built into the page as a ‘theme changer’ and is one of the different bits of customisation that the the LP+4 development team have been working on recently.  The feedback from the children was great and they’ve already decided which themes they want to have built next for them!

It was good to see Mr Coleman and Class 6 again and great to get their feedback on their new site. I’m now looking forward to seeing how they get on with the Shelters wiki they started and for their live broadcast into the LP+4 launch tomorrow!


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