Wholesome Leadership Preview Chapter 5: Creating a Vision & Implementing Change…

Today, as part of this series of short posts to introduce Wholesome Leadership, I’m sharing a preview of Chapter 5: Creating a Vision & Implementing Change.

This chapter sits in the first section of the book which is focused on the ‘heart’ of leadership, part of the H4 Leadership Model which captures the heart, head, hands and health of school leaders. It follows on from previous chapters about the ‘heart’ of school leadership including ‘Finding your leadership voice’ and Building an Ethos and Professional Culture.

Stephen Covey tells us that everything is created twice: once as an idea or vision and the second as an actualisation, where a vision becomes reality. The chapter is split into two parts, to deal with both the first creation of developing a vision for change and the second creation of bringing this change to life through careful implementation. I use some of Simon Sinek’s ideas in the first part which focus more on ‘why’ we exist before deciding what we do. In the second part, we look more at the importance of implementation – something that is often overlooked in schools in my experience.

‘Vision without implementation is hallucination.’

Thomas Edison

Within the chapter, I interview Peter Ford who worked with the leadership team when I first took on the Headship at Simon de Senlis to help us create our vision for improving the school. There some explanations of the processes that we used such as appreciative enquiry and consultation.

Here is the chapter summarised in a page.

Wholesome Leadership is now on sale for pre-order and will be published around the 22nd of May 2018. You can read some of the early reviews or find out how to order here –  www.wholesomeleadershipbook.com 

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