Assessment without Levels: Links to useful information…

To try and help navigate through this important issue, I’ve collated several useful links to announcements and publications that I’ve found useful give information on how assessment is changing in schools.  The most recent are at the top.

September 18th 2015 – Government response to the report on assessment without levels:

September 17th 2015 – Final report from the Commission on Assessment without Levels published:

September 17th 2015 – Interim Frameworks for Assessment published by the Department for Education for both KS1 and KS2.



September 17th 2015 – John McIntosh talks about the opportunity that developing new assessment brings 

September 2015: 2016 national curriculum tests and assessments information released:

Will Emms (STA) gives a summary of the key changes being introduced to tests at key stages 1 and 2 in 2016:

17th September 2015 – Sean Harford talks about what inspectors will look at when considering a school’s assessment system:

July 2015 – Information for headteachers, teachers, governors and local authorities about scaled scores and the national standard from 2016:

March 2015 – Dylan William’s post on Assessment without Levels:

May 2014 – Here’s the Tim Oates video that articulates the case for removing levels so clearly:

February 2014 – The NAHT release the report from the NAHT commission on assessment:

June 2013 – Announcement that Levels will be removed as a measure of attainment and progress by the DfE:

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